We focus on two main areas of consultancy:

digital marketing consultancy

Digital Marketing

Unsure of where to start with your marketing? We can help. Here at Yodu, we’re able to offer full stack marketing advice and services. From Facebook marketing to search engine optimisation, we’ll help you get your business seen and help you convert more clients. We’ll give you the knowledge to create repeatable, measurable and successful marketing campaigns to get your business rocking.

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microsoft 365 consultancy

Operational Streamlining

We have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 (formerly office 365) applications. From custom apps to analytics dashboards, we’ll help you unlock the hidden treasures of the 365 suite. Fed up of clunky spreadsheets and repetitive processes? We can provide you with flexible, modern and cost effective solutions for all your small business needs.

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Yodu was formed in 2021 in order to help small businesses compete in the digital world. We noticed that there was a distinct lack of tech knowledge among small businesses. Digitalisation, automation and modern digital marketing techniques allow larger companies with bigger budgets and more specialised staff to dwarf their smaller competitors. As a small business consultancy want to give you back that competitive edge and help your business grow.

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  • Why do you recommend Microsoft 365 software solutions?

    Software can cost a bomb. In a small business environment, having paid subscriptions to have multiple pieces of software can really rack up. Many businesses already have existing 365 licences, and if not, the breadth of functionality you get for the price is really impressive. As with all Microsoft software (in our opinion) their user interfaces are very intuitive. Many people know Word, Excel and other programs. This knowledge can transfer easily into other 365 packages making staff training far easier.

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  • Should I choose a big agency instead?

    Don’t get us wrong, there’s some great agencies out there and there are advantages to using a big agency. However, there’s also significant disadvantages. Firstly, they can be eye wateringly expensive. Often, you’re paying a rate for the polished strategist who sealed the deal with you, behind the scenes however, your work is being done by a possibly inexperienced intern. When you work with a big agency, you’re just a number, your work may become a low priority especially if you’re a small business unable to pay for the large campaigns and projects. When you deal with a small business consultancy like us, you get our full attention and a friendly and personalised service.
  • Why should I choose Yodu?

    It’s simple, we offer you no-nonsense and honest advice to help your business thrive. We’re not a one stop shop, if we can’t help you we’ll point you in the direction of someone that can, not waste your time and money. Coming from a small business environment, we have encountered many consultants who promise the full roast but only deliver parsnips. That’s not us. When we promise to do a job, we do it properly, no if’s, no but’s. We’re the small business consultancy that delivers.
  • What are your fees?

    Currently we charge a rate of £30 ex. VAT per hour. However, custom pricing structures may be issued on a per project basis. If you would like a custom quote for a project, please get in touch.
  • Where are you based?

    We’re based in Sheffield however we generally work remotely. We do however have office space available in Totley should an in-person meeting be necessary.

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