We’re here to help you streamline your business and turn it into a lean, mean, scalable machine. In the modern world, the only way to do this is with comprehensive software applications configured to suit your business needs. As a Microsoft 365 consultancy, we’re able to help you implement cost-effective and simple solutions using Microsoft’s range of famous business software, 365 (formerly Office 365). Helping you save time, save money and grow.

Why Microsoft 365?

With a sea of nearly endless business software solutions, just why should you choose 365? We think there’s many reasons for this:

Easy to Use

Microsoft are up there with the best when it comes to designing simple user interfaces. After all, they practically wrote the book on it with the Windows operating system. Their range of applications are no different, you’ll all be familiar with MS Word, well we think all the other applications are just as good from a usability standpoint.

Comprehensive and Plentiful Integrations

Microsoft 365 applications integrate seamlessly with one another. As well as being able to integrate with each other, due to their large market share, there is a high chance any 3rd party programs you use will integrate with your Microsoft applications. This minimises the need for complex development which may be required when integrating other softwares.

The Community

How did we become so well versed in 365? It’s simple, the Microsoft community rocks. With millions of software users, endless forums, Facebook groups and reddit posts; troubleshooting your Microsoft problems often is a breeze. You don’t need outsourced consultants with fancy CV’s to make changes to your applications. Normally some basic knowledge and a quick google search is often enough to answer your questions. When you do need a little more assistance, we’re at hand to help.

Licensing and Scope

Whilst we’re not going to get into the full complexities of licensing. We think the Microsoft 365 licensing offers extremely good value for money. Starting at £3.80 per month, Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive set of applications – all under a single license. For the price, we don’t think there’s any software that offers better value for money.

Regular Updates and New Features

As Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world, they’re always bringing out new features and regular updates. 365 applications are incredibly feature rich; we’ve personally found that you can generally do everything that you can think of. If you can’t, chances are this feature is in development. With a mighty budget and a clear market leader, Microsoft are always at the forefront of development.

Security and Access

Microsoft 365 applications are extremely secure. When you’re dealing with personal and sensitive data, its vital to keep your clients protected, and your business. Often you’ll have documents and data within your business that you only want certain users to access. With 365 configuring access to certain users is simple, keeping your business safe from malicious or accidental damage.

Experts are Everywhere

This isn’t a niche software package where there’s only a handful of people that understand it. When using Microsoft software you’re able to access literally thousands of experts worldwide. This means the cost of consultancy goes down significantly and you’re able to access their advice and services in a manner that suits you. Whether it be using a Microsoft 365 consultancy like us or even using a freelancer from overseas. Microsoft software gives you the flexibility your business needs.

As a Microsoft 365 consultancy, what applications do we specialise in?

We offer a whole host of Microsoft 365 services, if you have any questions about the software we use or our services, don’t hestitate to get in touch.


Ahh the humble spreadsheet. Seems simple but you can do some very powerful stuff with the simple spreadsheet. From data analysis to bookkeeping, excel is often the lifeblood of many small businesses. Over the years, we’ve picked up countless tips and tricks to help you use this software more efficiently.

Power Automate

Power Automate allows users to easily automate repetitive processes. We can help you automate tasks within nearly every Microsoft program and a whole host of other 3rd party applications. There’s thousands of different configurations we can use to help you automate the boring stuff and get more done! Unable to integrate existing legacy systems with your new processes? With Power Automate nearly anything is possible.

Power Apps

Ever wanted to make custom apps for your business but never had to know how or the budget? With Microsoft Powerapps we can develop custom applications to implement into your business. No need for expensive developers, we can help you design a bespoke application to suit your exact business needs.

Power BI

BI stands for business intelligence, if you have data, we can use Power BI to crunch through it and give you useful information and stats about your business. Using Power BI we can give you actionable insights and beautiful data visualisations at the click of a button. Power BI allows you to make smarter business decisions, full stop.


Somewhere up in the clouds you’ll find sharepoint, but what is it? Sharepoint is a cloud-based service that helps organisations share and manage their content. Sharepoint helps businesses become more productive, allowing people within your organisation to collaborate on documents, work from anywhere and better organise their work. Sharepoint also powers the document sharing capabilities in Microsoft teams.


Teams is a communication program with a load more bells and whistles than you’d ever expect. Put simply, it’s great! Teams allows your team to communicate and collaborate internally. You can also use it as a video calling facility and even as a full VoIP telephony system. It has a whole host of different integrations and applications, giving you a hefty amount of flexibility to help streamline your business.


Word? Why do I need any help with word? Its just a word processing tool, right? Surely there’s not much to it? … Wrong! Whilst on it’s own, arguably Microsoft Word can be seen as rather primitive, when used alongside other programs Word can be a powerful tool. Are you still hand typing documents or letters for customers? There’s often a better way. If there is, we’ll find it.

There are many more 365 applications available to us, not just the ones mentioned above. If we think something would be useful for your business, we’ll help implement it for you. We’re the Microsoft 365 consultancy that’s constantly evolving and keeping up to date with new software.

We can answer questions such as…

  • “I use a written diary to book client meetings. My customers often forget about meetings leaving me frustrated and out of pocket. How can I send automated reminders to them?”

  • “My supplier sends me a pricing spreadsheet weekly to update my website pricing with; this takes me hours to sort out. How can I speed up this process?”

  • The data shown in my CRM system is very difficult to make sense of without spending hours analysing this by hand. How can I visualise this data better and save time?”

  • “My team currently communicate by email, this can get quite messy with big projects. Can you show us a better way to communicate and collaborate?”

  • “I’d like to be able to access important information about my business on the go. Is there a way you could develop a mobile application to do this?”

And many more.

We like a challenge and will do our best to help you where we can. Please get in touch, even if you think your problem is outside of our remit, we may have a few tricks up our sleeves. We’re the Microsoft 365 consultancy that gets our hands dirty.

Heard Enough?